• 10% OFF Cooling bags

    Let us help you to cool your insulin when out and also let us help you to make it easier to bring all your diabetes stuff when leaving your home.

    To make it simple and easy is not always easy when having diabetes. We really feel that MABOX bags helps.

    Anna always has her diabetes bag packed and filled with all she needs when leaving her home for more than 24 hours. For this she love her MABOX large bag. You really sense it is developed by a diabetic and her dad, all is taken care of!
    The small bag is perfect during a trip for some hours and when she needs to secure having her insulin cool.

    These popular bags for diabetics have several compartments for lancets, needles, infusion sets, and an emergency compartment for dextrose. It comes with special made medical icepacks, a medical ID and a cooling compartment for insulin. It’s the perfect traveling bag!

    Let´s take the chance to test it! Get the discount of 10% by using the code bags2017 in the webshop. The offer is valid until 9 th of July.
    (This item we are not allowed to ship to Germany and Poland)

    Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes and lot of great things are included. Find the bag in this category.

    We wish you really relaxed days even in warm days!