• CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility

    CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, is about AnnaPS relations with suppliers and their subcontractors and AnnaPS relations within the company. We have same guidelines on our behaviour, both internally and externally. Our guidelines on our behaviour are described in our Code of Conducts. We choose suppliers that have working conditions we should accept for ourselves. We list the Code of conduct here because we find it better to be over-explicit than unclear. We base our Code of Conduct on:

    It is important for us that all our suppliers and their subcontractors follow our Code of Conduct. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure an ethical and fair business of all parties, people and animals involved.

    One of our standpoints at AnnaPS is our desire to support the fight for a cure of diabetes. We wish for every diabetic to one day be able to say ”I HAD diabetes”, and therefore we donate money for every sold AnnaPS garment money to diabetes research, through the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation.