• New Sport Bra !

    Improved design, better than ever
    New bigger front pocket  – fits also your mobile phone
    Firm – great support for your breasts
    Better fit – adapted to regular size charts
    What customer says…..
    This is so great. I really like that I can have my mobile phone in the front pocket and that this sport bra really have a great support for my breast even when running. I can´t wait until it is available in the shop.
    Made by Pump users
    We put a lot of effort to evaluate our products before we launch them. This photos are from the testing of the new sport bra made by the Founder of AnnaPS and the T1D´s Josefin Palmén in year 2019 in Barcelona at EASD (the European Association for the study of Diabetes – one of the world biggest diabetes congress).
    Get tips from Josefin!
    Josefin is an AnnaPS Ambassador having supporting AnnaPS development since 2012. She has been testing our products in extreme conditions, like when she was skiing from the Finish to the Russian boarder in -35 degrees celsius with her insulin pump in an AnnaPS tank top. She has been doing Iron man and diabetes never ever stop her manage her challenges.
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  • Buy 2 get 3

    New colorful T-shirts, with print for kids!

    Buy 2 and get one for free

    The t-shirts come in our superb quality and the lovely colors Blue Coral red and Black. We know that a lot of kids like this colorful print and we would like to share them with you. Just place your order of 2 of the t-shirts with this T1D Faces print and we will send you one extra. Go to Kids tops here.

    Note: this offer is valid until October 4th,  for the new print shown in this newsletter

    Bigger pockets!

    in size 9-10 Years

    Did you know that you can carry your mobile phone in the pockets? And it fit even better in our bigger pockets called Boxi4.

    Read more about how our pockets work here


    Our models are triplets- be like these triplets and have one t-shirt in each color!

    T-shirts also in plain black

    Did you know we also got plain Black T-shirts for kids in size 9-10 years?
    Take a look at our Black kids t-shirts

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  • Arm sleeve new color BEIGE !

    We all have been waiting so long to get our popular arm sleeves back in stock. We are so happy that our sewing factory is back in business and have sent us some armbands.

    We are so happy to introduce the new color beige, it is really perfect when you need a bright color. We also have our popular blue color back in stock. Get the arm sleeves here.

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  • Short Tops are back in stock

    One of our most popular styles are finally back in stock. Better than ever! After wishes from you, our great customers, we have adjusted the neckline and made it more stylish. We hope you like it as much as we do. We have also added a new color, Coral red.

    See all tops here

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  • Swim wear OFFER !

    Out-bounded products! Last chance to buy pink, blue and black&white bikini boxers with pockets.

    Really great prices and big discounts.

    See all offers here

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  • Tank top kids 50% OFF

    Great offer on Tank tops white with print T1D.

    Just few lefts. The offer is valid as long as we have the items in stock.

    To the tank top here

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  • Cooling bags 20% OFF

    20% OFF
    small chill bags from MABOX

    colors: black, red and blue

    Made by diabetics to meet special needs for diabetics.

    Available until Friday July 3th 
    or as long they are in stock

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    Time to welcome the Summer and the sun. We have a great offer for men and kids. It is 40% off or more. Take the chance to get a white t-shirt with print and a pair of white boxers to a great reduced price.

    Dom´t miss this chance to have great white products during the Summer.

    The offer is valid as long as the products are in stock.

    Go to the offer men:

    Go to the offer kids:


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  • Fill in a diabetes survey

    AnnaPS support dQ&A to make life with diabetes better 
    One of the Founder of dQ&A, Kelly Close, I’ve personally met a lot of times. I have seen her committed work at diaTribe and I highly recommend their great newsletter where I get the latest news within the diabetes area and a lot of useful tips.

    dQ&A was started to collect information from diabetics so clients can design customer centric products.

    I find this initiative great while we then have the possibility to share what we like and dislike, explain our needs, how we live, think, act and feel.

    To get products on the market that really support our needs, we need someone selecting this data and transfer them to the clients making new products for us.

    dQ&A is the only party doing this and that is the reason why I am supporting them. I hope you will fill out this survey today.

    dQ&A was founded in 2009 by Richard Wood and Kelly Close. Richard has years of consulting and market research experience, and previously worked as an executive at Nielsen. Kelly has type 1 diabetes. She is a tireless advocate for patients (she also founded diaTribe) and a leading expert on the diabetes industry.

    Their vision was to amplify patient voices, using rigorous and cutting edge research techniques. Other companies treated diabetes like toothpaste, or diapers—just another research project. But they wanted to go much further—to develop a deep understanding of what life was like with diabetes, and speak up for patients so they could make a difference.

    /Anna, Founder of AnnaPS

    Do you want to know how it works?

    info from dQ&A:
    This is the way you can give the world the right information about our circumstances 

    We are struggling to get the best for all with the diabetes.If you join the dQ&A community, you’ll be invited to take part in online/mobile surveys about diabetes. You choose which invitations you respond to, and you can opt out at any time

    Answer the sign-up questions by clicking here. dQ&A (the Diabetes Research Company will send you a $3/£3 Amazon gift card if you qualify. You’ll also be entered into a prize drawing to win a $300/£200 Amazon gift card.

    For each survey you complete, we’ll thank you by sending you a check or gift card (typically $/£5-15 per survey).

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  • 70% OFF in the OUTLET

    – SALE up to 70 OFF% –

    Odd sizes of our greyt-shirts

    We have filled up our OUTLET

    The kids t-shirts are faulty size labeled but please chose your regular size. We send the right size to you. Few items left. This products will not be available in the future.

    – Women  –

    Odd sizes of our grey tank top and T-shirt long sleeve
    Very cosy and popular products. So few items left. Will not be in stock again.
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  • Covid-19 Let´s support each other

    Covid-19,  the Corona virus
    I send you all my love and strength to you all!

    It is a scaring time now  when the Covid-19   is spreading all around the world. I hope you all feel healthy and have the chance to take care of yourself and boost your immune defense by eating lot of green veggies with restorative vitamins. Me myself focus extra on Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin C and I find a lot of them in kale and fish.

    It is also important to carefully wash our hands and use hand sanitizers  Perhaps it is difficult to find this available in your shop nowadays, so I’d like to share a recipe on how to  make your own easily  (find the recipe and video here).

    From diabetics all over the world I am getting reports about being quarantined. This morning I got the news that the UK is putting up a 12 weeks long  quarantine for people with diabetes as being part of the risk group. This is really hard and this is a time we really need to take care of and support each other. I have seen people in social media sharing diabetes supplies and sending help to others. Together we stay strong.

    AnnaPS runs the business as usual as we are just two of us in the company, live in a small village and have the possibility to easy spend our time in the nature, outdoor. We are taking extra care of all hygien expects. If we are getting sick we will  close our business until we are healthy again.

    Love and health to you all!

    Founder of AnnaPS

    T1D since 1998/ Pumper since 2009

    To do:

    wash your hands

    don’t touch your face

    use hand sanitizer (get a recipe here to make your home made)

    keep a distance to others

    stay at home when you are sick

    Photocred: Thanks to Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash, Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash, Photo by Albany Capture on Unsplash, Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash




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  • Homemade hand sanitizer


    You here find what you’ll need to make hand sanitizer at home. You might have several of these items around already, and if not, they’re likely more available than Purell is at the moment. We’ve included links to where you can get some of these ingredients online.

    • 2/3 cup 99% rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol (in Sweden T-röd), for the alcohol
    • 1/3 cup 100% pure aloe vera gel (or 1,5 tablespoon  glycerol from your Pharmacy+ 1/cup water) for moistening effect
    • Optional: 10-15 drops essential oil for smell
    • Optional: some drops of coconut oil
    • Bowl and spoon
    • Funnel
    • Empty liquid soap or hand sanitizer bottle
    • Optional: Gloves

    How to make hand sanitizer in two steps

    Step 1: Mix the rubbing alcohol, aloe vera and optional essential oil in a bowl with a spoon. Be careful to keep pure alcohol away from your skin.

    Step 2: Funnel the mixture into the empty bottle. Screw the pump cap back on and voila, you have hand sanitizer.

    Making hand sanitizer at home: Warnings

    As easy as it is to make your own hand sanitizer, you should be aware that rubbing alcohol in high quantities can damage your skin. Make sure you stick to the 2:1 proportion to keep the alcohol content around 60%. You can also use gloves while mixing and follow up sanitization with hand moisturizer.

    And we hope it goes without saying that hand sanitizer alone isn’t going to protect you from getting sick. Wash your hands with soap and water when it’s available, and limit how much you touch your face.

    We also would love to share this wonderful video showing how to make the hand sanitizer.

    Photocred: Thanks to Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash, Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash, Photo by Albany Capture on Unsplash, Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
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  • Products back in stock

    Finally we have some of our very popular products back in stock. Now available in all sizes (X-small up to X-Large). We are expecting more products back in stock in Mars.

    Our best seller, black tank top. Wonderful soft eco-friendly Tencel fabric and perfect for all situation.

    Cathy Jansen kopplar av genom att hon göra yoga övningar och kan bära diabeteshjälpmedel enkelt i en linne med två fickor

    Have you been waiting for the thiny white panties with pocket? Now you find them in the webshop again.

    Our Panties with double pockets are finally available in all sizes again. Perfect for you who likes to have shorter tubing and love panites in a sturdy fabric and loves our eco-friendly viscose.

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  • 60% Sample Sale

    – SALE 60% –

    Odd sizes of our bestselling Panties women with pockets in black, white and pink

    We have filled up our OUTLET

    These products are samples and outbound and we classify these as second-rate which means you are not able make any claims regarding the products.

    Don´t miss the chance to fill up your wardrobe.


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  • Last chance gift-support T1D research

    We wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!
    I am so happy to meet you all in the diabetes community all over the world. I do all I can to make life with diabetes a little bit easier. I know you are all struggling hard 24/7.

    It is time to find a cure of type 1 diabetes. We have been waiting so long!

    But there is need of more money to the Type 1 Diabetes research. I highly recommend to take the chance to raise more money during Christmas.

    See below one great opportunity to combine donating money to the diabetes research and a wonderful Christmas gift. Buy a one year of membership in the Swedish child diabetes foundation. 

    Since we started AnnaPS we have been donating money to this fantastic organization. It is one of the unique organization where all focus and the raised money goes to Type 1 Diabetes research.

    Thank you all and Happy New Year 2020!
    Greetings from Anna
    Founder AnnaPS,
    T1D since 1998, Pumper since 2009

    Raise money to the diabetes research

    A membership cost only  200 SEK/ 20EUR /20USD 

    at www.barndiabetesfonden.se/julgåva you can download a gift card and print it.

    And note, this organization is for all, adults and kids with type 1 diabetes and others that would like to be part of supporting the research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

    This is the perfect last minute Christmas gift


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  • Colorful Christmas offer

    Holidays are coming closer and we love to hear all stories about giving yourself, your friend or someone you love an easier way to carry, AnnaPS clothes.

    This year we have made colorful gift packs for men, women and kids. Just chose your favorite.

    It is really great offers and up to 45% reduced price.

    The offer is valid as long as products are in stock and latest December 19th.

    The last day for order to be delivered before Christmas Holiday is Thursday December 19. The offers are valid until December 18th.

    Happy Holiday to you all!

    Gift packages for kids:

    Gift package for Women:

    Gift packages for men:


    We also would like to suggest a very colorful and empowering book. This is a good looking “coffee book” showing the power inside the diabets world and helping all feeling empowered by this.

    Get your book here


    Inspiring and motivational book about people with diabetes



    And the last chance to buy some toys for kids who want to play T1D. We recommend this as a therapy. But we have decided not to offer these products anymore.

    Diabetes toys for a doll that make diabetes easier for kids



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  • Sharing experiences

    Let me tell you about my first months on a Hybrid close loop insulin pump!
    Anna the Founder of AnnaPS and T1D since 1998, Pumper since 2009 have been testing the 670G Medtronic and here she share her experiences and some information of what is coming in the next Medtronic generation.
    Words from Anna:
    I am on the first commercial hybrid closed loop insulin pump system, Minimed 670G from Medtronic, since September and I am really surprised how big of a life changer this pump is for me.

    Diabetes affects every area of my life, every day. I think about it with every bite of food, every change in schedule, every moment  of exercise. Seems like I spend all my time planning, preparing and taking injections.
    More than 9/10 people with T1D alter their insulin doses out of fear of hypos. I am one of them.
    But for the first time in my life of 21 years as a type 1 diabetic I can relax some hours. I can trust my pump to doing the job for me! The pump stops before I am getting low and increases the basal when I am high.

    What is the closed loop?:

    Hybrid Close Loop insulin pump means the pump+cgm together manage your diabetes and the insulin pump stop before lows and increase the insulin delivery when high blood sugar. The goal is to optimize the Time in Range.
    Note: Time in range use to be approx 51% fore people on MDI(insulin pen)+CGM and 55% for people on regular insulin pump + CGM.

    My results – and on my wish list:

    My results are great. I have for the last 30 days had 79% Time in Range, no hypos and just 20% of my total time with blood sugar levels above 10. This is so much better results than I had before, and I don’t have to do so much work  to reach these results. I am very satisfied.

    But all is not perfect….-what is on my wish list?

    • Bluetooth….so I can see my blood sugar on my mobile phone or smart watch, and get upgrades to the system software when they become available.
    • Fewer finger pricks for calibration/pump security
    • More insulin delivery when I am high
    • Not have to be so precise in my calculation of my carbs before each meal

    The good news is that it looks as if my wish list can be fulfilled already during year 2020. When the new Minimed 780G will be launched, all this will be reality. I am looking forward to test this new pump + cgm system. It sounds awesome!

    What is coming?:

    The next pump, Minimed 780G, from Medtronic will be an Advanced Hybrid closed loop (AHCL) which means even less time for me to manage the diabetes, as the pump will help me even more. The new algorithm will act more automatically compared to 670G. And with an updated new version of CGM (Guardian) it is going to be much much more easier and less with fewer calibrations and finger pricks, almost none compared to today.

    Minimed 780G is going to have the same design as 670G, but it is ok even if I would love to get a more smooth pump and I also would love to have pre-filled pump cartridges like the as Accu-Chek Insigth has. But a better closed loop is more important for me*).

    The big trend in the diabetes world

    ”I am Looping” is growing so fast. This means you are building your own Closed loop system. I have met a lot of T1D´s all around the world doing this and they are so satisfied. You need an insulin pump with open data (I know: Accu-chek combo, insight, Dana, Omnipod and old Minimed pump) with a CGM system (I know Dexcom) and sometimes you need a transmitter (a Riley link). You use an App on an Android to manage the system. I have seen fantastic results and I really understand that people are enthusiastic. But, these systems are not secured by the Goverments, not certificated by CE or FDA, only the separate pump and CGM system are. For me it is great to choose an available commercial hybrid closed loop insulin pump system and not build one by myself.

    670G suits in all AnnaPS pockets

    It is really easy to bring the pump in the pockets integrated in the clothes. We recommend to sleep in panties or boxers not to be disturb by the pump during sleep and protect the tubing. It is also great to not have to hold the pump when leaving the bed.

    During daytime our first choice is one of the tops to easy reach the pump when you need to manage the pump

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  • EASD 2019

    AnnaPS Founder invited to EASD!

    Focusing on closed loop
    EASD is the biggest diabetes congress in Europe. The congress gathers diabetes professionals from all around the globe to present the latest research within. All big company are showing their technology.
    Anna was invited to participate in two events, the Roche Diabetes Care event and a Medtronic event. In this newsletter I have made some short notices from the visit at EASD. Let us show you.

    Colorful insulin pumps!
    Kaleido are now launching pumps in more countries in Europe.
    One year ago this pump from Kaleido was launched in the Netherlands. It has a short tube and is attached to your body. It is like a patch pump but with the very short tube. It is managed from a PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager). There are a lot of colors to chose from and every user can choose 2 colors. Guess what colors are most popular? Black and silver!
    This pump is not going to be connected to a closed loop system.

    What about OMNIPOD and T-slim?


    Omnipod´s new PDM (hand unit)
    The new PDM looks and feels like a mobile phone, it has a touch screen and is very intuiative to use. You can just use it to manage your pump. Omnipod is developed by the company Insulet and they are working on a closed loop system together with Dexcom. It looks like it will take some years until it will be a reality. The project to release a cloosed loop system is called Horizon.

    T-slim and cloose loop available in Europe this year
    This is good news. Tandem has developed a new software where a kind of close loop is available. The system is called Basal-IQ with the technology to stop the pump before you are going to low, to reduce the risk of Hypo. Tandem will, within short start to hand out individual codes to all their T-slim pump users making it possible to download the software.

    A closed loop system acting when high glucose level seems to be presented in 2 years. T-slim will act together with CGM Dexcom

    ” I am looping” is a huge trend!

    This is a movement within the diabetes world and there is a lot of diabetics out there building their own closed loop system. I have met a lot of them and all of them are excited. These systems are better than all accepted system by FDA and CE. FDA and CE regulations are hard to follow and require so advanced safety systems the medical companies can’t act as freely as the users want. There is so much to write about regarding looping and I really want to make a specific newsletter on this topic. I will try to tell you what was presented at EASD by diabetics with their own experiences.

    Recharge your old CGM transmitter!

    One of the Loopers is Renza from Australia Diabetes Association with the blog Diabetogenic (https://diabetogenic.wordpress.com) . Here she shows her recharged Dexcom CGM. There are people all around the world rebuilding the transmitters so they can be used again and again. So keep your old stuff or give them to people who need them.

    Finally I met Ulrike Thurm!

    One of the comitted people to looping is the Diabetes and exercise guru Ulrike Thurm from Germany. She held a speech about looping at EASD and she was so enthusiastic. Ulrike knows “everything” about exercising and sporting with diabetes, also extreme sport. She is the Author of “the Bible of sport &diabetes” and it is a fantastic book. I know Ulrike since a lot of year as she found AnnaPS clothes to be helpful during exercise. She was so excited she mention them in her book. And now I was so happy to meet here in RL.

    Makes diabetes suck less – is Mysugr’s slogan. The people working there really understand the life of diabetes, most of them being Diabetics. Mysugr is today a Roche company and A good news is that Mysugr now is developing the functionality of the new remote control to the Accu-chek insight pump. I hope this will be released very soon because Mysugr is a really cool company and I look forward to see a fast remote control to this great pump. It is so easy to reload and it is giving stable bs.
    This pump is open source means it can be used to build a own closed loop system.

    Medtronic 670G pump

    Since two weeks I am testing this pump and it is great. At the EASD I had the chance to see the evaluation of this pump. The pump is stopping before low and increase basal insulin automatically when high. Studies show the time in range for this pump is as high as 73% compared to diabetics with pump+CGM without close loop being 55%. However the best thing is that the time in hypo is as low as 0,6%. At this event I had the great opportunity to share the one year experiences from other users and I got really useful tips. Especially about how to manage miscalculation of carbs.
    This pump is the only commercialized pump with closed loop system.


    Virtual meetings and e-learning from EASD

    www.EASD.org is the place where all information about EASD is available. Now is it also possible to see all speaches virtually and also take part in e-learning. You find all this on the page.
    What a fantastic possibility!


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    Singlets, both black and white are back in stock!

    Makes you feel extra beautiful. Both colors are available in size XS, S, M, L and XL. Go to the tops here

    Anna, the Founder of AnnaPS shows how she use the singlet.

    Let me show you how I use my singlets. I often carry it underneath my regular clothes. You can see my white singlet under my favorite white shirt. The black singlet I wear underneath another similar top without pockets. This makes it possible to use a skirt and carry my insulin pump. In both these situations, it is very easy and convenient to take out and put back the pump. With the two pockets, I can carry sugar in the other pocket. It is very convenient. I hope this will also be a help in your life with diabetes.


    Finally our popular multi pack is back!

    We also have Women panties with double pockets back in stock. And our white panties!


    For Men – Boxers Long legs

    Have you been waiting for Boxers with long legs? Congrats, finally we have them back in stock again. Our Boxer Briefs are for you who like to have a bit longer legs, but also love our fabric, eco Tencel. Great model when doing a lot of sports and would like to avoid the thighs rub against each other. Get them here



    (foto cred: Elin Cederbrant Instagram @together_against_diabetes1)

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  • Cool short top

    These tops are so cool – feel relaxed and beautiful,

    available in Black and White.

    Really great look and very discrete and helpful way to carry.

    In the two pockets you easily bring your Insulin pump, Insulin Pen, Diabetes manager (Omnipod),  Mobile Phone, Reader (Freestyle Libre), Sugar ….

    Also available for kids

    These tops are available from size 7-8 years.
    The pockets are big and possible to carry mobile phone in all sizes.
    For kids style it is still available in color Grey.

    “This is really great top- I love it”/Kajsa 13 years T1D since 10years

    About these great tops

    The tops are available in sizes 7-8Y, 9-10Y and for adults in size XS-L 

    The fabric is a high quality Cotton 80% and Lycra 20%

    We hope you are going to test them and feel the nice feeling!!!!

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  • Release OUTLET

    We are launching our OUTLET !

    Mens Boxers -40%

    Womens Panties -40%

    Kids Tops -50%

    We have a lot of lovely high quality products in stock in odd sizes, but also some outbound products. Now we want to share these with you at great prices.

    We will keep on filling it up 

    We add different styles and sizes for men, women and kids. Normally the styles are not available in all sizes, but be patient, there will certainly be something  fitting you.

    Good to know about Mens Boxers in size XXS

    Our boxers for men are available in size XXS. This size is specially made for boys before they grow to men. So it is perfect for boys in age 11-14 years.

    What differ to size XS? They are in measures between size 9-10 for kids and size XS for men and they are a mix of these two models. They have no extra volume in the front so they fit boys better than men.

    Welcome to take part of the OFFER in our OUTLET!

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  • Kids T-shirts

    T-shirts with pockets

    Look at all our t-shirts for kids

    New colors and new prints
    Bring a mobile phone in the pocket
    Today kids often use a mobile phone as “Diabetes manager” and “Reader”. With a new larger pocket we give the possibility to carry a phone safe and convenient in the t-shirt pocket.
    note: This larger pocket (Boxi4) is only available for Kids T-shirts in size 9-10Y
    NEW !

    Larger pocket in size 9-10Y

    Our largest pocket (Boxi4) have the following measures: height=16,5cm, width=8cm and depth=3,5cm.

    The Boxi4 pocket is only available on t-shirts for kids in size 9-10Y.

    Note: We want to minimize the risk to get an inconvenient carrying system for the smaller kids. Hence, size 3-4Y, 5-6Y and 7-8Y we still have the same pocket size, a perfect fit for insulin pumps, Freestyle Libre reader and PDM to Omnipod, Deccom etc.

    All pockets have a pocket lid
    To make sure the items you keep in the pockets stay safe, always remember to close the lid carefully.
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  • Launching our OUTLET

    We are so happy to launch our new OUTLET !

    We have a lot of nice products  in stock in odd sizes and outbound model and we have a lot of samples. And all are in highest quality as always. We would like to give you the opportunities to buy these AnnaPS garments to really nice prices so we are now launching our Outlet. In our outlet you are going to find clothes for both men, kids and women. We will fill up the outlet now and then so don’t miss to visit the Outlet regulary.

    Welcome to our outlet and find your offers!





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  • T-shirt unisex-improvments

    Let us introduce our improvements for our beloved unisex T-shirts (go to the T-shirts here)

    New sizes

    We have listen to you……our t-shirts need to be bigger in sizes and more adapted to our other styles and finally the new sizes are! Thanks for your input.

    This means, if you have been using size M in your AnnaPS t-shirt  before and love that size, you now need to buy size S. This is only valid for our unisex t-shirts, for all other adult styles, we have the same sizes as before.

    New improved fit
    The neckline is a little wider and the arm hem is better looking, the arm width is also made a little bit wider. As you can see the arm length is made to cover a sensor, if you need it.
    Unisex style – perfect for both men and women
    “Our T-shirts for men are also a nice fitted for women, so we decided to call them unisex. Let me show you how I use the unisex T-shirt. This is me together with the Swedish team at the big Diabetes Congress ATTD in Berlin last week. I got a lot of attention for my unisex T-shirt wearing it under my jacket. People just love the print, a graphic T1D faces print on the T-shirt. It is good looking and convenient and a perfect work outfit.It is so easy to bring all my diabets stuff in a busy situation”
    /Anna Founder of AnnaPSMakes the everyday life with diabetes easier

    You find the unisex T-shirts both in category Men and Women in our web shop.

    The Swedish team, from left: Sofia Larsson-Stern (Diabetesia), Elin Cederbrandt (T.A.D. Together Against Diabetes), Josefin Palmén, Patricia Mauritzon Roche Diabetes Care and me Anna Sjöberg AnnaPS.

    Bring your mobile phone in the pocket
    The T-shirt enhance the opportunities to carry your insulin pump, pen or glucose meter and your mobile phone in a convenient, safe and stylish way. Our pocket lid makes them stay in the pocket.
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  • T-shirt long sleeve

    Test our Long sleeve T-shirt
    available in Black and White.

    Perfect for your daily life and makes it so easy to bring all you need.
    In the two pockets you easily bring your Insulin pump, Insulin Pen, Diabetes manager (Omnipod), Mobile Phone, Reader (Freestyle Libre), Sugar ….

    Feel relaxed and beautiful

    Let me show you

    This is one of my favorite garments from AnnaPS in my daily life.  I’m showing you a work situation, just wearing my black t-shirt long sleeves and a black skirt. This day I have my insulin pump in one of the pockets and my Reader to a Freestyle Libre blood sugar meter in my other pocket.  It is so easy to take out and put back my diabetes devices. I always close the pockets making all devices stay secure whatever I do. I really love both the black and white t-shirt with long sleeves.

    Anna Sjöberg T1D since 1998 and pumper since 2009
    Founder AnnaPS

    About these great tops

    The tops are available in sizes 7-8Y, 9-10Y and for adults in size XS-XL

    You find the tops for kids here and for women here.

    The fabric is a high quality Cotton 80% and Lycra 20%

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  • Happy Holidays !

    It has been a fantastic year together with you…..

    Thank you all for this year! We all do our best to make life with diabetes easier to handle.
    There are more and more T1D’s coming together through AnnaPS from all over the world. The number of T1D’s carrying our medical support in different styles and colors are increasing every day. We at AnnaPS are very proud of this.

    I wish you happy holidays and time to enjoy!
    See you all next year!
    T1D and Founder of AnnaPS

    We wish you time to enjoy and relax

    AnnaPS make it possible to to wear the clothes you want. Carry your diabetes devices in the pockets of your underwear, 

    I share my favorite recipe again…..

    This piece of chocolate is my favorite candy during Christmas. So I really want to share it with you again, if you also would like to try. I like to make a lot of candy for Christmas and I make them solely from chocolate, coconut oil, nuts, dried fruits and licorice powder as sweetener. I love these candies and I feel much better when both blood sugar and body in balance. Please take a look and get inspired.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I would like to share my favorite recipe for candy with you….please get it here

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  • Christmas tips for men

    Christmas tips to all AnnaPS men

    We asked men using AnnaPS clothes to share some tips how to make it easy to carry all necessary diabetes devices such as pump, pen, mobile phone, managers, readers, sugar etc. Here are some comments and tips for Christmas

    I like the new fit
    “For me it is so much easier when I use AnnaPS t-shirt with pockets. I have it under my shirt and preferably the white t-shirt. I love the new fit, much more comfortable in arm and neck line. The sizes are now larger and that is great. I use to carry my insulin pump in one pocket and the Reader to my Free Style Libre in the other pocket. It helps me easily reach all devices at all times.”
    Peter T1D since 1998

    So discrete and so easy
    “The t-shirt is my favorite because it makes it so easy to bring my insulin pen and my mobile phone in the pockets. So discrete and comfortable and I don’t need to bring a case.” 
    Boy 17 years old

    I always sleep in the boxers

    “I sleep undisturbed when having the pump in my boxers with pockets – I really need them every night! I like the very soft ones in Tencel but I also would like to get them with a blue waist band. The blue and coral red ones are on my wish list for Christmas .”
    Words from an AnnaPS customer, man 35 years with T1D
    Buy a gift card and get extra value 
    It is not always easy to buy clothes to someone you love, without letting them chose by themselves. We give you up to 20% extra value to use when buying a gift card.



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  • Christmas tips women

    Christmas tips to all AnnaPS women

    We asked women using AnnaPS clothes to share some tips how to make it easy to carry all necessary diabetes devices such as pump, pen, mobile phone, managers, readers, sugar etc. Here are some quotes:
    “Fantastic new tops, the loose fit t-shirts are so convenient and nice looking, really easy to feel relaxed and easy to reach all items in the pockets”,  both in black and white!
    “My favorite garment is absolutely the t-shirt with long sleeves. A new better fit and a new more stylish neck line makes me feel both cool and comfortable. Use it a lot in both black and white!”
    I just love the short top
    “So cool and so perfect for all my items, so handy for my mobile phone too. The perfect top for me as young T1D”. Available in black and white.
    Some other favorites
    “I really need my AnnaPS panties for a better sleep with my insulin pump. I feel relaxed knowing I have it secretly and securely stored, not worrying about ripping off the tubing. The new red/coral style is cool. I would like to recommend this”
    If you don’t have the sports bra…
    “The sports bra is a really great garment to have when walking, running or doing any other exercises. It has 3 pockets and along with the pump I also bring my mobile phone in the front pocket. If you don’t have a sports bra….you should have one”

    Buy a gift card and get extra value, 20% extra
    It is not always easy to buy clothes to someone you love without letting them chose by themselves. We give you up to 20% extra to buy for when buying a gift card.
    Would you like a gift bag?
    Just add a comment “giftbag” in the comment field in the cash out and you get a free gift bag with your order.
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  • Free shipping

    Don’t miss our Christmas offer!

    Don’t miss our Christmas offer, valid until December 23th. Use code frsh1 when checking out and you get free shipping.

    Christmas time is coming
    AnnaPS is located in Sweden, Scandinavia, where we love to celebrate Christmas. The tradition for us is white snow, a lot of candles and an occasion for cozy time with the family. Even if you are not celebrating Christmas we would like to share this nice feeling with you all.
    Many opportunities 
    We try hard to find carrying solutions for all occasions and today we have basic, sporty, everyday life and fine underwear. Take the chance to buy something you still lack in your wardrobe. I use all our different styles, while I always wear an AnnaPS garment as carrying system for my insulin pump
    /Anna, T1D for 20 years and Founder of AnnaPS
    Clothes with pockets and diabetes devices as pump, pen, sugar, mobil phone to make it easy to carry
    If you would like a gift bag in your order, please write giftbag in the comment field.




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