• Christmas tips for men

    Christmas tips to all AnnaPS men

    We asked men using AnnaPS clothes to share some tips how to make it easy to carry all necessary diabetes devices such as pump, pen, mobile phone, managers, readers, sugar etc. Here are some comments and tips for Christmas

    I like the new fit
    “For me it is so much easier when I use AnnaPS t-shirt with pockets. I have it under my shirt and preferably the white t-shirt. I love the new fit, much more comfortable in arm and neck line. The sizes are now larger and that is great. I use to carry my insulin pump in one pocket and the Reader to my Free Style Libre in the other pocket. It helps me easily reach all devices at all times.”
    Peter T1D since 1998

    So discrete and so easy
    “The t-shirt is my favorite because it makes it so easy to bring my insulin pen and my mobile phone in the pockets. So discrete and comfortable and I don’t need to bring a case.” 
    Boy 17 years old

    I always sleep in the boxers

    “I sleep undisturbed when having the pump in my boxers with pockets – I really need them every night! I like the very soft ones in Tencel but I also would like to get them with a blue waist band. The blue and coral red ones are on my wish list for Christmas .”
    Words from an AnnaPS customer, man 35 years with T1D
    Buy a gift card and get extra value 
    It is not always easy to buy clothes to someone you love, without letting them chose by themselves. We give you up to 20% extra value to use when buying a gift card.



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  • Christmas tips women

    Christmas tips to all AnnaPS women

    We asked women using AnnaPS clothes to share some tips how to make it easy to carry all necessary diabetes devices such as pump, pen, mobile phone, managers, readers, sugar etc. Here are some quotes:
    “Fantastic new tops, the loose fit t-shirts are so convenient and nice looking, really easy to feel relaxed and easy to reach all items in the pockets”,  both in black and white!
    “My favorite garment is absolutely the t-shirt with long sleeves. A new better fit and a new more stylish neck line makes me feel both cool and comfortable. Use it a lot in both black and white!”
    I just love the short top
    “So cool and so perfect for all my items, so handy for my mobile phone too. The perfect top for me as young T1D”. Available in black and white.
    Some other favorites
    “I really need my AnnaPS panties for a better sleep with my insulin pump. I feel relaxed knowing I have it secretly and securely stored, not worrying about ripping off the tubing. The new red/coral style is cool. I would like to recommend this”
    If you don’t have the sports bra…
    “The sports bra is a really great garment to have when walking, running or doing any other exercises. It has 3 pockets and along with the pump I also bring my mobile phone in the front pocket. If you don’t have a sports bra….you should have one”

    Buy a gift card and get extra value, 20% extra
    It is not always easy to buy clothes to someone you love without letting them chose by themselves. We give you up to 20% extra to buy for when buying a gift card.
    Would you like a gift bag?
    Just add a comment “giftbag” in the comment field in the cash out and you get a free gift bag with your order.
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  • Free shipping

    Don’t miss our Christmas offer!

    Don’t miss our Christmas offer, valid until December 23th. Use code frsh1 when checking out and you get free shipping.

    Christmas time is coming
    AnnaPS is located in Sweden, Scandinavia, where we love to celebrate Christmas. The tradition for us is white snow, a lot of candles and an occasion for cozy time with the family. Even if you are not celebrating Christmas we would like to share this nice feeling with you all.
    Many opportunities 
    We try hard to find carrying solutions for all occasions and today we have basic, sporty, everyday life and fine underwear. Take the chance to buy something you still lack in your wardrobe. I use all our different styles, while I always wear an AnnaPS garment as carrying system for my insulin pump
    /Anna, T1D for 20 years and Founder of AnnaPS
    Clothes with pockets and diabetes devices as pump, pen, sugar, mobil phone to make it easy to carry
    If you would like a gift bag in your order, please write giftbag in the comment field.




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  • Christmas tips kids

    Christmas coming closer and we would love to share some christmas tips from our test group
    We asked families with kids having diabetes, to pick their favorite items from AnnaPS – item they would recommend to others, as great Christmas gifts.
    Look at their first choices in this news letter.“We love the new t-shirts! Better fit when the sizes are bigger, cool colors and stylish prints – our kid love these items! He wants them all!”
    Words from an AnnaPS customer, father to a 9 year old boy.

    Some other favorites

    “Our kid loves to sleep in the boxers and the new colors made them even more popular”

    Words from an AnnaPS customer, mother to a 5 years old girl.

    Love the red and blue colored Tank tops

    ” Our son was so happy to see the blue and red color on the tank top. He loves to play in them and finds the print 1 in red “the coolest” “

    Words from an AnnaPS customer, mother to a 5 years old son.
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  • So many news !

    Improved size fits for mens and womens T-shirts
    Makes the everyday life easier Short tops are back, now also available in black and white
    Secret pockets
    New T-shirt Loose fit for Women
    Great T-shirt with long sleeves in black and white……so many new products that enhance the opportunities to carry your insulin pump, pen or glucose meter in a convenience, safe and stylish way.

    Colorful underwear
    We are now offering more colors, red (pink), blue, black and white
    We still have our base assortment but have als filled up our shop with some new items. To make the world more colorful…..
    …. choose your favorite

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  • Adult T-shirt with pockets

    Last chance to buy our Grey T-shirts with or without prints. These products are fantastic quality and will help you to organize and carry all your diabetes devices safe, simple and nice. You can also carry your readers, scanners, diabetes managers and mobile phone. Let us help you to make it easier to carry all your stuff!

    The offer is available until Thursday 27th of September and as long as we have them in stock.

    They are just a few left so don’t wait to long!



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  • Unique offer T-shirt kids

    We make space for new T-shirts! Super and limited offer!

    70% OFF

    Chose your style
    sizes 3-4Y, 5-6Y, 7-8Y and 9-10Y
    Note: rather small in sizes, we recommend you to choose one bigger size

    Fantastic prices – only 99 SEK / 12 EUR / 12 USD
    regular prices:   345 SEK I  42 EUR  I  42 USD

    Offer last until 25th of September or as long as the product are in stock


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  • Products back in stock

    Black armband back in stock!

    Is it difficult to choose size?

    We have made more clear size chart and instructions how to choose size to make it easier to chose right size. The armband has been very popular and it is extra great because of the anti slip elastic band inside. Don’t miss to protect your sensors.

    White and pink panties back in stock!


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  • NEW- Armband to protect your sensor or pump

    Match your bikini or swimwear in blue or pink with our new armband. Perfect to protect your sensor or patch on insulin pump.

    Unisex, elastic armband. Meant to protect your sensor
    Available colours: Blue, pink and black.

    Perfect fit to protect your Omnipod pump or your Freestyle Libre sensor. 

    Measures for sizes

    XS: Width =  8.5cm (3.35 inches), Length = 9.5cm (3.74 inches)

    S: Width =  9.5cm (3.74 inches), Length = 9.5cm (3.74 inches)

    M: Width =  11cm (4.33 inches), Length = 10cm (3.94 inches)

    L: Width =  12cm (4.72 inches), Length = 10cm (3.94 inches)

    XL:Width =  13cm (5.12 inches), Length = 10cm (3.94 inches).

    Buy them here

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  • NEWS- colorful bikinis


    Beautiful pink and blue!

    Cool colors on the bikini with pocket to carry your insulin pump at the beach or pool

    Perfect when you are walking on the beach or just like to hang around at the pool. If you have a waterproof pump you can swim with the pump in the pocket.

    Read our tips about swimming and carrying insulin pump, waterproof or not

    Just few in stock
    Order your bikini now

    Note: the tops are only in sizes S-XL, if you order a size XS, your top comes in size S. Pink bikini is available in XS-XL and blue is available in size S-L.

    The fabric is 80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra. Can be used in swimming pools (chlorine resistant). High quality, comfortable material.


    High or low waist?

    You choose your waist line

    Same bikini but different model. You can simply have your waist ribbon high or low. Just choose what you prefer. Fold waist band up or fold it down.

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  • Kids white tank top back in stock

    White tank tops for kids

    Light and smooth in the Summer

    Our very popular white tank top is now back in stock in all sizes.
    3-4Y, 5-6Y, 7-8Y and 9-10Y

    Buy your white tank top

    Make it easy to carry

    You don’t get disturbed by your pump any longer and you use it to remember bringing all your diabete devices

    So many things you can bring

    Make it easier to live with diabetes

    All pockets have closener to make sure you don’t drop anything and an opening from the inside of the pocket to secure the tubing and infusion set.

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  • Sports bra back in stock!

    Diabetes made easier

    When you like to leave your diabetes case at home. Perfect when you are walking, exercising, climbing……. or just hanging around

    Sport fabric
    Available in sizes XS – L
    Note: rather big sizes, we recommend to take the smaller size if you use to be between two sizes

    Perfect sized pockets to be used to carry your:

    Shop it here !

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  • Sockertoppen here we come!

    We support diabetes camps

    These camps means so much!

    Diabetes camps are highlights for kids with diabetes and I feel dedicated to do what I can to support them. In Sweden we have the fantastic T1D Robin who have won world championship in cross country skiing. The kids love him and he is such a role model by making the kids feel like nothing is impossible and that diabetes will not stop them. He is every year doing the camp Sockertoppen (Sugar top).

    Gone camping!

    I will be at the Sockertoppen diabetes camp this week

    Offers and some giveaways

    I bring a lot of AnnaPS clothes to great discounts, Mabox cooling bags and Temperature sensors from MedAngels. Also I am happy to bring some nice give aways from MySugr, the great App helping making diabetes more fun.

    Hope to see you there /
    Anna Founder AnnaPS

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  • NEW – colorful swim wear kids

    Swimming with pump

    Making it possible to carry your insulin pump at the beach or in the pool
    Available in blue, pink and black 
    sizes 3-4Y, 5-6Y, 7-8Y and 9-10Y

    If your child is a water lover, don’t let their diabetes stop them from spending time at the beach or in the water. If swimming in AnnaPS swimwear, waterproof insulin pumps can join in the water, safe and comfortable. Leave the big diabetes case at home!

    Swim wear with pocket is perfect in the summertime, when you would like to feel relaxed and safe with your pump attached.

    Swim wear fabric

    80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra. Can be used in swimming pools (chlorine resistant). High quality, comfortable material.

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  • Black bikini back in stock

    Finally we have black bikini boxers back in stock! Get it

    Feel relaxed when swimming

    Make it easy and safe to carry your insulin pump

    Perfect when you are walking on the beach or just like to hang around at the pool. If you have a waterproof pump you can swim with the pump in the pocket.

    Read our tips about swimming and carrying insulin pump, waterproof or not

    High or low waist?

    You choose your waist line

    Same bikini but different model. You can simply have your waist ribbon high or low. Just choose what you prefer. Fold waist band up or fold it down.

    Bikinis in black and black/white

    Available in sizes XS – XL

    Note: the tops are only in sizes S-XL, if you need XS please chose Small.

    The fabric is 80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra. Can be used in swimming pools (chlorine resistant). High quality, comfortable material.

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  • Insulin life saver – MedAngel

    MedAngel – the life saver- buy it here

    Be sure your insulin is not getting bad

    MedAngel is a temperature sensor you can place together with your insulin. You can then monitor the temperature on your mobile.
    You can monitor 2 sensors at the same time.

    Perfect when traveling


    When you let someone else store your insulin

    Just feel relaxed and see the timeline in your phone. See historic data to be sure your insulin has been stored at the right temperature.

    Made by diabetics for diabetics


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  • OFFER special Summer editions

    Special OFFER !

    Special Summer edition

    Thinner fabric !
    Perfect in the Summer time !
    Lovely environmental friendly fabric Tencel

    Limited edition of our popular model Tank tops with pockets
    for MEN and WOMEN.

    Note: perfect pockets to be used to carry your:

    Offer available only as long as the product is in stock

    Extra low prices
    295 SEK (Normal price 395 SEK)
    329 NOK (Normal price 439 NOK)
    29 EUR (Normal price 47 EUR)
    32 USD (Normal price 47 USD)

    Available in sizes S, M, L for Women and
    L, XL, XXL for Men

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  • OFFER ! T-shirt kids

    All Kids T-shirts Only 19 EUR!

    (199 kronor / 19 USD)

    Kids love to play and these T-shirts make them feel relaxed with all diabetes devices safely stored.

    Offer available until Sunday May 20th

    T-shirt with or without print
    for kids in size 3/4Y, 5/6Y, 7/8Y and 9/10Y

    Click here  to reach the offers.

    Note: the sizes are a bit small and we are going to re-design the t-shirts to larger sizes. We recommend size XS if you are a perfect 9/10Y in size. We have some sizes left in XS, so please send us an e-mail to: info@annaps.com if you would like size XS.


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  • Free shipping!

    Free shipping on all orders in AnnaPS web shop.

    Available until Saturday May 12th.

    Happy News!

    AnnaPS is able to reduce shipping costs with 30% for international orders, due to better logistic agreements

    New shipping fee will be 7 EUR  for Europe and
    9 EUR outside Europe, starting May 13th!



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  • Christmas chocolate


    Thank you all for this year together! Together we all do our best to make life with diabetes easier to handle.
    I wish you a happy holiday and time to enyoj!
    See you next year!
    T1D and Founder of AnnaPS
    We have made a video and share our favorite Christmas candy. I just use Chocolate min 70%, coconut oil (healthy), sea salt, orange peel and hazelnut. No added sugar or sweetener. See the video here
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  • Free shipping !

    An offer you can’t refuse!

    Free Shipping 20% or 10% extra value to be used in our webshop.

    All this when buying a gift card from us.

    To get fee shipping when buying a gift card, you use discount code: frsh1 when checking out.

    We send you a certificate in our lovely gift bag. The voucher code printed on the certificate is to be be used in our webshop.


    When buying a gift card of 1000SEK or 1000 NOK or 100 EUR or 100 USD you get 20% extra to be used when shopping at annaps.com. You get 1200 SEK! (1200 NOK, 12o EUR, 120USD).

    When buying a gift card 500SEK or 500 NOK or 50 EUR or 50 USD you get 10% extra to be used when shopping at annaps.com. You get 550 SEK! (550 NOK, 55 EUR, 55 USD).

    Happy Holidays/AnnaPS team






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  • 25% OFF Bestsellers

    Take the last chance to buy a Christmas gift box for Kids, Men or Women. Consists of our best selling products, Tank Top and Hipsters or Tank Top and Boxers. All in the lovely fabric, Tencel, an environmental friendly viscose. High quality, soft and breathable. All products have integrated pockets to make it easy to carry all your diabetes devices, especially your pump (Accu-Chek, Animas, Medtronic, T-slim, Omnipod etc.). I also like to carry my Freestyle Libre or a Dexcom in the pockets. And why not your mobile device? I do it.

    Our Christmas gift box offer is 25% OFF and the offer is available until Sunday December 10th.

    Don’t miss our Christmas gift box offer.




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  • Diabetes Toys 30%

    Sometimes playing is the best help to understand and accept, but also to share with your friends and family. Glucomart in the US is 3D printing miniatures of Diabetes devices in the most common styles and models. These toys are intended to your doll or stuffed animal also having Diabetes.

    This is our fantastic Christmas offer to all kids with diabetes and their families. We give 30% discount on all models. Put this on your wish list. To toys here.

    You can chose from:

    Toy insulin pump Animas Vibe color:blue and pink
    Toy insulin pump Accu-Chek Insight incl. hand unit
    Toy insulin pump Medtronic 640G
    Toy sensor to CGM to Medtronic 640G
    Toy insulin pump Omnipod with hand unit
    Toy insulin pump Medtronic Minimed color: Pink
    Toy CGM Dexcom with the sensor included
    Toy Glucose Meter Freestyle Libre with sensor and hand unit included
    Toy Glucose Meter Bayer Counter with one test stripe

    Happy holidays from the AnnaPS team

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  • 25% Best Sellers

    We have put together kits of our top selling products…The Perfect Gift pack! Our best sellers are the black Tank Top´s and Boxer´s for men and boys and black Panties for women and girls. It is our lovely fabric, soft and eco-friendly. The garment lasts long as it has really high quality.

    Don´t miss the chance to get or give your  loved ones a fantastic diabetes cases, clothes with pockets to carry your diabetes devices.




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  • Kids Gift pack

    We have put together kits of our top selling products…The Perfect Gift pack for Kids

    Get 25% off on our best sellers for Kids. The black Tank Top is perfect for the daily life and our Panties/Boxers are our best choice for the night and sleeping with the Insulin pump. In these clothes you protect your tubing and feel safe. Kids love the soft fabric and the freedom to move and play without being bothered by the pump

    Perfect as a Christmas gift or just a gift to someone you care for!



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  • Gift to Women

    It is time for Christmas.  Not all of us celebrate this Holiday, but perhaps it is time for a gift, to celebrate or just surprise someone who needs our functional underwear as diabetes cases. We have put together kits of our top selling products…The Perfect Gift pack! Our beloved Tank Top in color black and our wonderful, soft and so comfortable Panties.

    Me myself always sleep with my pump in the pocket of  this Panty. And in the daytime my favorite diabetes case is the black Tank Top. I can´t live without it. It is so easy to always bring and access my diabetes stuff.

    I hope you like our gift pack for Women. Happy holidays to you all.

    / Anna
    Founder AnnaPS


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  • Get a free gift !

    There are just some few days left to the World Diabetes Day, November 14th. Take the chance to raise the awareness of diabetes.

    Let me help you wear diabetes messages!

    I am a Type 1 diabetic and a pumper. I often get surprised people don´t know that much about diabetes. In november, take the chance to talk more about diabetes by carrying the “Blue ring”, but also showing diabetes messages. In the “Blue month” I also take the chance to do extra charity for the diabetes research. I hope we one day find the cure for T1D and will find the answer……why Type1 diabetes?
    I have put together some items and offers to help you wear diabetes awareness messages and to support extra to diabetes research. Let me show you! Follow our newsletter, our social media and blogpost during the days until the WDD.

    Here is the first opportunity:

    GET A FREE GIFT !!!!! Show the message HOPE with a beanie.

    It is important for us to raise diabetes awareness, so we will give  give you our beanie with print HOPE, when shopping at annaps.com

    If you place an order in our webshop for 500SEK/500NOK/50EUR/50USD
    we send it to you for free.

    Would you like to buy a beanie, you find it here!

    The blue ring is visible in the dark! It has a reflective print.

    Take care all of you/ Anna
    Founder and Designer AnnaPS




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  • Diabetes News

    I have just arrived from a visit at EASD 2017 held in Lisbon, Portugal. EASD stands for European Association for the Study of Diabetes and is the biggest fair within Diabetes in Europe. All the latest research and technology within Diabetes is presented. This is my short report from two intensive days.

    Not so many new insulin pumps were presented, but I was curious to know more about the small colorful pump from Kaleido with a very short tubing. It is a cool pump and the colors are wonderful but it takes time before we can see it on the market. Kaleido have had starting problems when testing the pump on T1D´s. A new version is now on test but there are still problems that needs to be solved. I guess it will still take some time until  it is available on the market.



    I was invited to EASD by Roche Diabetes Meetup and we were 60  diabetes advocates from different part of the world. We spent a day together talking about news in the diabetes world. We had the opportunity to listen to Ilka Gdanietz meindiabetesblog.com and Scott Johnson scottdiabetes.com presenting the news at Mysugr, the App that makes diabetes suck less. Here you can get help, support and advices to manage your diabetes.

    This is me on the Blogger event:

    Josefin Palmén (blog here, FB here) from Sweden is here showing her CGM Eversense to Renza Diabetes Advocate (blog here ) from Australia and Kelly Close Founder of Close Concerns and Diatribe from US (really recommend you to check these links to get updated, great news and tips within diabetes).

    At EASD I participated in the #DeDoc event and it was fantastic to meet Adam Brown, the author of the book “Bright Spots and Landmines”. It is possible to download free or to buy cheap at Amazon.com. Everyone loves his book. It is really inspiring to read about how Adam manage his diabetes. I got his book and I love it. Adam got our book “We can want and dare and we have diabetes type 1“.

    I also met this guy who has a diabetes Magazine on the web, but has now decided to launch it as a paper magazine. It will be launched November 14th.

    In the mornings we started the day with exercise and after 1,5 hours run in Lisboa we felt ready to meet the exhibition. My blood sugar is perfect when I start without eating before I have my slow long run. Thorulf however, needed to stop at a café and eat a croiassant and a cup of coffee. Josefin brings her insulinpump in AnnaPS sport bra and I run in the tank top with pockets.

    At EASD I had the chance to meet Cajsa Lindberg, the President of the Swedish Diabetes Youth Association .

    I really would like to share this organization run by Delphine T1D who loves to travel and now arranging travels by T1D for T1D with you. Here you can travel together with people really understand your special needs and can support if you need. Would you like to travel with T1Ds and the Diabetes Tour agency,you can read more here,

    In the end I would like to share a photo of all Diabetics participating in the #Diabetesmeetup. It is so inspiring to meet all these T1D working so hard to support others with diabetes and arise the awareness of diabetes in the world.

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  • 20% OFF Short top

    Short top for WOMEN and KIDS (please see Swedish text below)

    This short top with our largest pocket, BOXI4, is a favorite in the hot Summer.

    So nice and a discrete way to carry pump, pen, phone or hand units to Dexcom, Freestyle Libre, Omnipod or whatever you need to bring.

    Attached you find a discount code for 20% off on the short top. So take the chance to test!

    Diabetes made easier!

    Use a discount code on 20% and take the chance to test it by yourself! Perhaps this is your new favorite.

    We hope this product will help diabetes made easier!

    To get the discount 20% use the code: shorttop2017 in the checkout. The discount code: shorttop2017 is only valid for short top and until 2017-08-02.

    Find the top in size 7/8Y and 9/10Y here and for XS-L here.


    Kort topp med fickor för både barn och vuxenstorlekar

    Denna korta topp med vår största fickmodell Boxi4 är en riktig favorit varma sommardagar. Så snyggt och diskret sätt att bära din insulinpump, handenhet till Omnipod eller Freestyle Libre eller din insulinpenna, socker, mobil eller vad du vill ta med dig.

    Använd rabattkod shorttop2017 i kassan vid utcheckningen för att få 20% rabatt på dessa korta toppar. Koden är giltig till 2/8 2017.

    Topparna finns i storlekar 7/8år, 9/10 år, XS,S,M och L. Stegen mellan storlekarna är lika vilket innebär att skillnaden mellan 7/8år och 9/10 år är lika som skillnaden mellan 9/10 år och XS. så storleken XS passar perfekt för den som vill ha nästa större storlek efter 9/10 år.

    Vi hoppas detta skall hjälpa till att göra varma sommardagar med diabetes något lite enklare.

    Vi önskar er många sköna varma sommardagar!

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  • Secure your insulin!

    (see Swedish text below)

    Never ever bad insulin again!

    This new product, MedAngel, is a sensor you keep with your insulin to monitor the temperature, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Find the sensor here.

    This fantastic new product will help us to secure the quality of the insulin. Just buy the sensor here and install the APP (both for IOS and Android devices). With the APP installed, simply connect to the sensor and you are ready to monitor the temperature of your insulin, securing the correct temperature for your insulin at all times.

    Did you know how much the blood sugar level deviate because of insulin not being kept in the correct temperature? People using MedAngel are witnessing, they can keep a much more stable blood sugar levels, when keeping control of the insulin temperature.
    I am using it and I am surprised how much it helps. Perfect product developed by diabetics for diabetics!

    Why is a MedAngel needed?

    Did you know that insulin should be stored at temperatures of 2-8 degrees Celsius in order not to lose its effectiveness? A common cause of not stable blood sugar is that the insulin is damaged when stored at the wrong temperature. A very common cause of poor insulin quality is that insulin is stored in a refrigerator (as it should), but that the temperature in the fridge is sometimes less than zero degrees (and frozen) without you knowing it. With MedAngel, you ensure that your insulin does not freeze in your refrigerator without your knowledge. A tip is to keep the insulin in the middle of the refrigerator in a sealed box with a MedAngel sensor inside it.

    Important to know about insulin and temperature:

    When insulin is frozen, it is crystallized and the quality is affected or even totally destroyed. When insulin is stored at temperatures above 9 degrees Celsius, the protein start loosing its structure. The higher the temperature and the longer the heat, the faster this process continues. The effectiveness of the insulin is then decreasing. It is important to protect your insulin from freezing and from heat. Many have been helped by MedAngel and we feel that this really helps us with diabetes.

    Facts about MedAngel:

    • MedAngel ONE is the perfect for your medications. It’s easy-to-use, compact, and connects to your smartphone, allowing you to store and transport your medications at the right temperature.
    • Waterproof design – MedAngel ONE can be used in refrigerators and in medical coolbags.
    • Built-in medications database – Select your medications from the list of approved EU and US medications like: Insulins, Humira, Multiple Sclerosis-Medications, Hormones, Epoetine, EpiPen many more
    • Smart Alerts – Every time the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe levels you get intuitive alerts and notifications.
    • Comprehensive history – Check if your medications were properly stored the previous days in timeline view

    Read what other says: 
    I ordered this in order to make sure my son’s insulin was being stored at the safe recommend temperature. We have to carry his emergency glucagon on us and insulin in case we need it. We live in Texas so it’s always hot. We carry his glucagon and insulin in a frio bag. I love that I can drop the MedAngel One in the frio bag with insulin and be able to check to make sure the frio is keeping my son’s insulin at the safe temperature. This device has given me a great peace of mind in regards to my son’s insulin. It allows me to constantly check on the insulin and the temperature it’s being stored at.

    One more story:
    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! One of those products you don’t know you need till it becomes available. Getting ready to order another one for my son who is off at college. Set it up and then noticed my son’s insulin for his type 1 diabetes could be in a better place in the fridge. The little alerts are great. Love that this product will help with traveling with insulin. Something so small could make a big difference. With the cost of insulin, it super important to treat it like liquid gold and preserve it to ensure efficacy of the product. Insulin is a life saving drug and spoiled insulin could be deadly.

    Swedish text:

    Denna nya produkt, MedAngel, är en sensor som vaktar temperaturen på ditt insulin 24 timmar per dag, 7 dagar i veckan. Den säkrar att du vet och märker om temperaturen är för hög eller för låg för att kvaliteten på ditt insulin fortfarande är ok. Du köper en sensor (här hittar du sensorn) som du placerar vid ditt insulin, förslagsvis i kylskåpet och tillsammans med ditt insulin eller tex när du reser med ditt insulin i kylväska. Med sensorn medföljer instruktioner hur du laddar ner den App som finns på App Store vilken används för att läsa av temperatur, få aviseringar, samt se historik. App finns för både Android samt IOS. När du laddat ner Appen så ansluter du sensorn till din telefon via Bluetooth. Du kan ansluta flera sensorer till samma App.

    Varför behövs en MedAngel?
    Visste du att insulin skall förvaras mellan 2-8 grader för att inte förlora sin effektivitet? En vanlig orsak till svängigt blodsocker är att insulinet har försämrats av förvaring i felaktig temperatur. En mycket vanlig orsak till  sämre kvalitet på insulinet är att insulin förvaras i kylskåp (vilket det skall) och att temperaturen i kylskåpet ibland understiger 0 grader, utan att man vet om detta. Med MedAngel så säkerställer du att ditt insulin inte fryser i ditt kylskåp utan din vetskap. Tipset är att förvara insulinet mitt i kylskåpet i en försluten burk med en MedAngel sensor inuti burken.

    Viktigt att veta om insulin och temperaturer:

    När insulin fryser så kristalliseras detta. När insulin förvaras i temperaturer över 9 grader så förlorar proteinet sin struktur, ju högre temperatur och ju längre tid i värme desto snabbare sker denna process. Vid båda dessa händelser förstörs ditt insulin gradvis eller helt. Det är mycket viktigt att skydda sitt insulin från att frysas och för direkt solljus.

    Många har blivit hjälpta av MedAngel och vi känner att denna verkligen hjälper oss med diabetes.

    Kort fakta om MedAngel:

    • MedAngel ONE är en perfekt vakt för ditt insulin. Den är lätt att använda, liten och ansluts till din mobil (smartphone). Hjälper dig att säkerställa att ditt insulin förvaras och transporteras i rätt temperatur. 
    • Vattentålig – MedAngel ONE kan användas i kylskåp och i din kylväska till ditt insulin.
    • Innehåller en databas med alla insulinsorter godkända av EU och USA. Fungerar även för godkända läkemedel för MS, Humira, hormoner, Epoetine, Epiken och många fler. Du väljer enkelt din medicin från databasen.
    • Smarta påminnelser, varje gång temperaturen når eller överstiger säkerhetsgränser så får du en påminnelse eller ett alarm via din mobil.
    • Visar historiken – du kan enkelt se flera dagar tillbaka i vilken temperatur ditt insulin har lagrats.


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