• Christmas tips for men

    Christmas tips to all AnnaPS men

    We asked men using AnnaPS clothes to share some tips how to make it easy to carry all necessary diabetes devices such as pump, pen, mobile phone, managers, readers, sugar etc. Here are some comments and tips for Christmas

    I like the new fit
    “For me it is so much easier when I use AnnaPS t-shirt with pockets. I have it under my shirt and preferably the white t-shirt. I love the new fit, much more comfortable in arm and neck line. The sizes are now larger and that is great. I use to carry my insulin pump in one pocket and the Reader to my Free Style Libre in the other pocket. It helps me easily reach all devices at all times.”
    Peter T1D since 1998

    So discrete and so easy
    “The t-shirt is my favorite because it makes it so easy to bring my insulin pen and my mobile phone in the pockets. So discrete and comfortable and I don’t need to bring a case.” 
    Boy 17 years old

    I always sleep in the boxers

    “I sleep undisturbed when having the pump in my boxers with pockets – I really need them every night! I like the very soft ones in Tencel but I also would like to get them with a blue waist band. The blue and coral red ones are on my wish list for Christmas .”
    Words from an AnnaPS customer, man 35 years with T1D
    Buy a gift card and get extra value 
    It is not always easy to buy clothes to someone you love, without letting them chose by themselves. We give you up to 20% extra value to use when buying a gift card.