• Christmas tips kids

    Christmas coming closer and we would love to share some christmas tips from our test group
    We asked families with kids having diabetes, to pick their favorite items from AnnaPS – item they would recommend to others, as great Christmas gifts.
    Look at their first choices in this news letter.“We love the new t-shirts! Better fit when the sizes are bigger, cool colors and stylish prints – our kid love these items! He wants them all!”
    Words from an AnnaPS customer, father to a 9 year old boy.

    Some other favorites

    “Our kid loves to sleep in the boxers and the new colors made them even more popular”

    Words from an AnnaPS customer, mother to a 5 years old girl.

    Love the red and blue colored Tank tops

    ” Our son was so happy to see the blue and red color on the tank top. He loves to play in them and finds the print 1 in red “the coolest” “

    Words from an AnnaPS customer, mother to a 5 years old son.