• Christmas tips women

    Christmas tips to all AnnaPS women

    We asked women using AnnaPS clothes to share some tips how to make it easy to carry all necessary diabetes devices such as pump, pen, mobile phone, managers, readers, sugar etc. Here are some quotes:
    “Fantastic new tops, the loose fit t-shirts are so convenient and nice looking, really easy to feel relaxed and easy to reach all items in the pockets”,  both in black and white!
    “My favorite garment is absolutely the t-shirt with long sleeves. A new better fit and a new more stylish neck line makes me feel both cool and comfortable. Use it a lot in both black and white!”
    I just love the short top
    “So cool and so perfect for all my items, so handy for my mobile phone too. The perfect top for me as young T1D”. Available in black and white.
    Some other favorites
    “I really need my AnnaPS panties for a better sleep with my insulin pump. I feel relaxed knowing I have it secretly and securely stored, not worrying about ripping off the tubing. The new red/coral style is cool. I would like to recommend this”
    If you don’t have the sports bra…
    “The sports bra is a really great garment to have when walking, running or doing any other exercises. It has 3 pockets and along with the pump I also bring my mobile phone in the front pocket. If you don’t have a sports bra….you should have one”

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    It is not always easy to buy clothes to someone you love without letting them chose by themselves. We give you up to 20% extra to buy for when buying a gift card.
    Would you like a gift bag?
    Just add a comment “giftbag” in the comment field in the cash out and you get a free gift bag with your order.