• Covid-19 Let´s support each other

    Covid-19,  the Corona virus
    I send you all my love and strength to you all!

    It is a scaring time now  when the Covid-19   is spreading all around the world. I hope you all feel healthy and have the chance to take care of yourself and boost your immune defense by eating lot of green veggies with restorative vitamins. Me myself focus extra on Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin C and I find a lot of them in kale and fish.

    It is also important to carefully wash our hands and use hand sanitizers  Perhaps it is difficult to find this available in your shop nowadays, so I’d like to share a recipe on how to  make your own easily  (find the recipe and video here).

    From diabetics all over the world I am getting reports about being quarantined. This morning I got the news that the UK is putting up a 12 weeks long  quarantine for people with diabetes as being part of the risk group. This is really hard and this is a time we really need to take care of and support each other. I have seen people in social media sharing diabetes supplies and sending help to others. Together we stay strong.

    AnnaPS runs the business as usual as we are just two of us in the company, live in a small village and have the possibility to easy spend our time in the nature, outdoor. We are taking extra care of all hygien expects. If we are getting sick we will  close our business until we are healthy again.

    Love and health to you all!

    Founder of AnnaPS

    T1D since 1998/ Pumper since 2009

    To do:

    wash your hands

    don’t touch your face

    use hand sanitizer (get a recipe here to make your home made)

    keep a distance to others

    stay at home when you are sick

    Photocred: Thanks to Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash, Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash, Photo by Albany Capture on Unsplash, Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash