• Dextrose options


    A person with diabetes has a swingy blood sugar, and when the critically low levels are approaching, dextrose is the solution. But in the long run that can become monotonous, or even boring. A tip is to cary the dextrose with other sweets, to not get bored of the taste. For example, you can mix juice concentrate with a little less water than the intrsuctions say in small plastic bottles and store them in the fridge. Or buy small juice boxes. What we highly recommend is to always bring dried fruit as raisins, blueberry or similar. Then you also get perfect vitamins and antioxidants, perfect when you exercise. Another option is to keep small candy bags in the purse. Variation is everything!

    Please note: Dextrose is of course to be used in situations when the blood sugar requires it. We are not medical professionals, but are writing these texts as fellow type 1 diabetics.