• Diabetes Toys 30%

    Sometimes playing is the best help to understand and accept, but also to share with your friends and family. Glucomart in the US is 3D printing miniatures of Diabetes devices in the most common styles and models. These toys are intended to your doll or stuffed animal also having Diabetes.

    This is our fantastic Christmas offer to all kids with diabetes and their families. We give 30% discount on all models. Put this on your wish list. To toys here.

    You can chose from:

    Toy insulin pump Animas Vibe color:blue and pink
    Toy insulin pump Accu-Chek Insight incl. hand unit
    Toy insulin pump Medtronic 640G
    Toy sensor to CGM to Medtronic 640G
    Toy insulin pump Omnipod with hand unit
    Toy insulin pump Medtronic Minimed color: Pink
    Toy CGM Dexcom with the sensor included
    Toy Glucose Meter Freestyle Libre with sensor and hand unit included
    Toy Glucose Meter Bayer Counter with one test stripe

    Happy holidays from the AnnaPS team