• EASD 2019

    AnnaPS Founder invited to EASD!

    Focusing on closed loop
    EASD is the biggest diabetes congress in Europe. The congress gathers diabetes professionals from all around the globe to present the latest research within. All big company are showing their technology.
    Anna was invited to participate in two events, the Roche Diabetes Care event and a Medtronic event. In this newsletter I have made some short notices from the visit at EASD. Let us show you.

    Colorful insulin pumps!
    Kaleido are now launching pumps in more countries in Europe.
    One year ago this pump from Kaleido was launched in the Netherlands. It has a short tube and is attached to your body. It is like a patch pump but with the very short tube. It is managed from a PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager). There are a lot of colors to chose from and every user can choose 2 colors. Guess what colors are most popular? Black and silver!
    This pump is not going to be connected to a closed loop system.

    What about OMNIPOD and T-slim?


    Omnipod´s new PDM (hand unit)
    The new PDM looks and feels like a mobile phone, it has a touch screen and is very intuiative to use. You can just use it to manage your pump. Omnipod is developed by the company Insulet and they are working on a closed loop system together with Dexcom. It looks like it will take some years until it will be a reality. The project to release a cloosed loop system is called Horizon.

    T-slim and cloose loop available in Europe this year
    This is good news. Tandem has developed a new software where a kind of close loop is available. The system is called Basal-IQ with the technology to stop the pump before you are going to low, to reduce the risk of Hypo. Tandem will, within short start to hand out individual codes to all their T-slim pump users making it possible to download the software.

    A closed loop system acting when high glucose level seems to be presented in 2 years. T-slim will act together with CGM Dexcom

    ” I am looping” is a huge trend!

    This is a movement within the diabetes world and there is a lot of diabetics out there building their own closed loop system. I have met a lot of them and all of them are excited. These systems are better than all accepted system by FDA and CE. FDA and CE regulations are hard to follow and require so advanced safety systems the medical companies can’t act as freely as the users want. There is so much to write about regarding looping and I really want to make a specific newsletter on this topic. I will try to tell you what was presented at EASD by diabetics with their own experiences.

    Recharge your old CGM transmitter!

    One of the Loopers is Renza from Australia Diabetes Association with the blog Diabetogenic (https://diabetogenic.wordpress.com) . Here she shows her recharged Dexcom CGM. There are people all around the world rebuilding the transmitters so they can be used again and again. So keep your old stuff or give them to people who need them.

    Finally I met Ulrike Thurm!

    One of the comitted people to looping is the Diabetes and exercise guru Ulrike Thurm from Germany. She held a speech about looping at EASD and she was so enthusiastic. Ulrike knows “everything” about exercising and sporting with diabetes, also extreme sport. She is the Author of “the Bible of sport &diabetes” and it is a fantastic book. I know Ulrike since a lot of year as she found AnnaPS clothes to be helpful during exercise. She was so excited she mention them in her book. And now I was so happy to meet here in RL.

    Makes diabetes suck less – is Mysugr’s slogan. The people working there really understand the life of diabetes, most of them being Diabetics. Mysugr is today a Roche company and A good news is that Mysugr now is developing the functionality of the new remote control to the Accu-chek insight pump. I hope this will be released very soon because Mysugr is a really cool company and I look forward to see a fast remote control to this great pump. It is so easy to reload and it is giving stable bs.
    This pump is open source means it can be used to build a own closed loop system.

    Medtronic 670G pump

    Since two weeks I am testing this pump and it is great. At the EASD I had the chance to see the evaluation of this pump. The pump is stopping before low and increase basal insulin automatically when high. Studies show the time in range for this pump is as high as 73% compared to diabetics with pump+CGM without close loop being 55%. However the best thing is that the time in hypo is as low as 0,6%. At this event I had the great opportunity to share the one year experiences from other users and I got really useful tips. Especially about how to manage miscalculation of carbs.
    This pump is the only commercialized pump with closed loop system.


    Virtual meetings and e-learning from EASD

    www.EASD.org is the place where all information about EASD is available. Now is it also possible to see all speaches virtually and also take part in e-learning. You find all this on the page.
    What a fantastic possibility!