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    AnnaPS support dQ&A to make life with diabetes better 
    One of the Founder of dQ&A, Kelly Close, I’ve personally met a lot of times. I have seen her committed work at diaTribe and I highly recommend their great newsletter where I get the latest news within the diabetes area and a lot of useful tips.

    dQ&A was started to collect information from diabetics so clients can design customer centric products.

    I find this initiative great while we then have the possibility to share what we like and dislike, explain our needs, how we live, think, act and feel.

    To get products on the market that really support our needs, we need someone selecting this data and transfer them to the clients making new products for us.

    dQ&A is the only party doing this and that is the reason why I am supporting them. I hope you will fill out this survey today.

    dQ&A was founded in 2009 by Richard Wood and Kelly Close. Richard has years of consulting and market research experience, and previously worked as an executive at Nielsen. Kelly has type 1 diabetes. She is a tireless advocate for patients (she also founded diaTribe) and a leading expert on the diabetes industry.

    Their vision was to amplify patient voices, using rigorous and cutting edge research techniques. Other companies treated diabetes like toothpaste, or diapers—just another research project. But they wanted to go much further—to develop a deep understanding of what life was like with diabetes, and speak up for patients so they could make a difference.

    /Anna, Founder of AnnaPS

    Do you want to know how it works?

    info from dQ&A:
    This is the way you can give the world the right information about our circumstances 

    We are struggling to get the best for all with the diabetes.If you join the dQ&A community, you’ll be invited to take part in online/mobile surveys about diabetes. You choose which invitations you respond to, and you can opt out at any time

    Answer the sign-up questions by clicking here. dQ&A (the Diabetes Research Company will send you a $3/£3 Amazon gift card if you qualify. You’ll also be entered into a prize drawing to win a $300/£200 Amazon gift card.

    For each survey you complete, we’ll thank you by sending you a check or gift card (typically $/£5-15 per survey).