• Happy Holidays !

    It has been a fantastic year together with you…..

    Thank you all for this year! We all do our best to make life with diabetes easier to handle.
    There are more and more T1D’s coming together through AnnaPS from all over the world. The number of T1D’s carrying our medical support in different styles and colors are increasing every day. We at AnnaPS are very proud of this.

    I wish you happy holidays and time to enjoy!
    See you all next year!
    T1D and Founder of AnnaPS

    We wish you time to enjoy and relax

    AnnaPS make it possible to to wear the clothes you want. Carry your diabetes devices in the pockets of your underwear, 

    I share my favorite recipe again…..

    This piece of chocolate is my favorite candy during Christmas. So I really want to share it with you again, if you also would like to try. I like to make a lot of candy for Christmas and I make them solely from chocolate, coconut oil, nuts, dried fruits and licorice powder as sweetener. I love these candies and I feel much better when both blood sugar and body in balance. Please take a look and get inspired.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I would like to share my favorite recipe for candy with you….please get it here