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    Bring a mobile phone in the pocket
    Today kids often use a mobile phone as “Diabetes manager” and “Reader”. With a new larger pocket we give the possibility to carry a phone safe and convenient in the t-shirt pocket.
    note: This larger pocket (Boxi4) is only available for Kids T-shirts in size 9-10Y
    NEW !

    Larger pocket in size 9-10Y

    Our largest pocket (Boxi4) have the following measures: height=16,5cm, width=8cm and depth=3,5cm.

    The Boxi4 pocket is only available on t-shirts for kids in size 9-10Y.

    Note: We want to minimize the risk to get an inconvenient carrying system for the smaller kids. Hence, size 3-4Y, 5-6Y and 7-8Y we still have the same pocket size, a perfect fit for insulin pumps, Freestyle Libre reader and PDM to Omnipod, Deccom etc.

    All pockets have a pocket lid
    To make sure the items you keep in the pockets stay safe, always remember to close the lid carefully.