• Last chance gift-support T1D research

    We wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!
    I am so happy to meet you all in the diabetes community all over the world. I do all I can to make life with diabetes a little bit easier. I know you are all struggling hard 24/7.

    It is time to find a cure of type 1 diabetes. We have been waiting so long!

    But there is need of more money to the Type 1 Diabetes research. I highly recommend to take the chance to raise more money during Christmas.

    See below one great opportunity to combine donating money to the diabetes research and a wonderful Christmas gift. Buy a one year of membership in the Swedish child diabetes foundation. 

    Since we started AnnaPS we have been donating money to this fantastic organization. It is one of the unique organization where all focus and the raised money goes to Type 1 Diabetes research.

    Thank you all and Happy New Year 2020!
    Greetings from Anna
    Founder AnnaPS,
    T1D since 1998, Pumper since 2009

    Raise money to the diabetes research

    A membership cost only  200 SEK/ 20EUR /20USD 

    at www.barndiabetesfonden.se/julgåva you can download a gift card and print it.

    And note, this organization is for all, adults and kids with type 1 diabetes and others that would like to be part of supporting the research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

    This is the perfect last minute Christmas gift