• 3 Pack Boxer Shorts

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  • Extra discounted price when you shop our popular boxers with pocket in the 3-pack. The price is 15% lower than single Boxers.

    We have the ability to mix models in the multi-pack as you wish. If you would like to purchase another combination as available, please write your choice in the comment field (at the cash register) before you check out. NB: Only available for Boxer shorts in black.

    Description of the products:
    Underpants with short legs or long legs and lining in the front. A sturdy sewn-in elastic waist. An integrated pocket placed on right side. Pocket is placed diagonally to follow the body’s natural movement. Pocket opens and closes with a snap fastener. Pocket model: Boxi.
    Pocket has also an opening from inside where you can place the pump into the pocket. Hose can simply be placed on the inside of the garment.

    Pocket size is: Length=120mm (4,7 inches) Width=67mm (2,6 inches) Depth=30mm (1,2 inches).

    Disclaimer: The user maintains full responsibility to administer medication at the appropriate times. AnnaPS´s garments are to be used only as an aid in safeguarding and carrying your insulin pump. Always follow your doctor’s treatment recommendation and in case of issues with the insulin administration call your doctor immediately.

    For every garment sold money goes to the diabetes research for kids. Made in the EU, fabric made in Sweden.

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