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  • We are proud to offer 3D printed insulin pumps, glucose meters  and continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) for dolls and stuffed animals.

    Devices will be approximately 3-4 cm. Infusion set is included to the insulin pumps with tubing.

    For Dolls, Stuffed Animals, or other Toys. Intended for approximately 40-65 cm dolls.

    You can chose from:

    Toy insulin pump Animas Vibe color:blue
    Toy insulin pump Accu-Chek Insight incl. hand unit
    Toy sensor to CGM to Medtronic 640G
    Toy insulin pump Omnipod with hand unit
    Toy insulin pump Medtronic Minimed color: Pink
    Toy Glucose Meter Freestyle Libre with sensor and hand unit included
    Toy Glucose Meter Bayer Counter with one test stripe

    Made in the EU, fabric made in Sweden.

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