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  • You get an extra discounted price when you shop a 3 Pack of our popular hipsters with integrated pockets for women. Colour: Black/White/Mixed (2 black+1 white). The price is 29 EUR per underwear (standard price: 33 EUR each). When buying the multipack, you save 10 EUR.

    You can mix colours in the multipack as you wish. If you would like to have another colour mix than the combination available, please write this in the comment’s section (at the cash register). 

    NB: Only available for Hipsters in black and white.

    Description of the products:
    Panties with short legs. A sturdy sewn-in elastic waist.

    An integrated pocket placed on right side, placed diagonally to follow the body’s natural movement. Pocket opens and closes with a snap fastener. Pocket model: Boxi. The pocket has also an opening from the inside in which you can place the insulin pump. The tubing is easily placed on the inside of the garment.

    Pocket size: Length = 125 mm (4,9 inches), Width = 67 mm (2,6 inches), Depth = 30 mm (1,2 inches).

    Carrying your insulin pump in clothes with pockets allows you to leave the insulin pump case at home. Safe, comfortable and good-looking.

    The user maintains full responsibility to administer medication at the appropriate times. AnnaPS’s garments are to be used only as an aid in safeguarding and carrying your insulin pump and diabetes devices. Always follow your doctor’s treatment recommendation and in case of issues with the insulin administration call your doctor immediately.

    För varje sålt plagg skänker vi pengar till Barndiabetesfonden. Tillverkad i EU, tyget i Sverige.

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