• Sharing experiences

    Let me tell you about my first months on a Hybrid close loop insulin pump!
    Anna the Founder of AnnaPS and T1D since 1998, Pumper since 2009 have been testing the 670G Medtronic and here she share her experiences and some information of what is coming in the next Medtronic generation.
    Words from Anna:
    I am on the first commercial hybrid closed loop insulin pump system, Minimed 670G from Medtronic, since September and I am really surprised how big of a life changer this pump is for me.

    Diabetes affects every area of my life, every day. I think about it with every bite of food, every change in schedule, every moment  of exercise. Seems like I spend all my time planning, preparing and taking injections.
    More than 9/10 people with T1D alter their insulin doses out of fear of hypos. I am one of them.
    But for the first time in my life of 21 years as a type 1 diabetic I can relax some hours. I can trust my pump to doing the job for me! The pump stops before I am getting low and increases the basal when I am high.

    What is the closed loop?:

    Hybrid Close Loop insulin pump means the pump+cgm together manage your diabetes and the insulin pump stop before lows and increase the insulin delivery when high blood sugar. The goal is to optimize the Time in Range.
    Note: Time in range use to be approx 51% fore people on MDI(insulin pen)+CGM and 55% for people on regular insulin pump + CGM.

    My results – and on my wish list:

    My results are great. I have for the last 30 days had 79% Time in Range, no hypos and just 20% of my total time with blood sugar levels above 10. This is so much better results than I had before, and I don’t have to do so much work  to reach these results. I am very satisfied.

    But all is not perfect….-what is on my wish list?

    • Bluetooth….so I can see my blood sugar on my mobile phone or smart watch, and get upgrades to the system software when they become available.
    • Fewer finger pricks for calibration/pump security
    • More insulin delivery when I am high
    • Not have to be so precise in my calculation of my carbs before each meal

    The good news is that it looks as if my wish list can be fulfilled already during year 2020. When the new Minimed 780G will be launched, all this will be reality. I am looking forward to test this new pump + cgm system. It sounds awesome!

    What is coming?:

    The next pump, Minimed 780G, from Medtronic will be an Advanced Hybrid closed loop (AHCL) which means even less time for me to manage the diabetes, as the pump will help me even more. The new algorithm will act more automatically compared to 670G. And with an updated new version of CGM (Guardian) it is going to be much much more easier and less with fewer calibrations and finger pricks, almost none compared to today.

    Minimed 780G is going to have the same design as 670G, but it is ok even if I would love to get a more smooth pump and I also would love to have pre-filled pump cartridges like the as Accu-Chek Insigth has. But a better closed loop is more important for me*).

    The big trend in the diabetes world

    ”I am Looping” is growing so fast. This means you are building your own Closed loop system. I have met a lot of T1D´s all around the world doing this and they are so satisfied. You need an insulin pump with open data (I know: Accu-chek combo, insight, Dana, Omnipod and old Minimed pump) with a CGM system (I know Dexcom) and sometimes you need a transmitter (a Riley link). You use an App on an Android to manage the system. I have seen fantastic results and I really understand that people are enthusiastic. But, these systems are not secured by the Goverments, not certificated by CE or FDA, only the separate pump and CGM system are. For me it is great to choose an available commercial hybrid closed loop insulin pump system and not build one by myself.

    670G suits in all AnnaPS pockets

    It is really easy to bring the pump in the pockets integrated in the clothes. We recommend to sleep in panties or boxers not to be disturb by the pump during sleep and protect the tubing. It is also great to not have to hold the pump when leaving the bed.

    During daytime our first choice is one of the tops to easy reach the pump when you need to manage the pump