• T-shirt long sleeve

    Test our Long sleeve T-shirt
    available in Black and White.

    Perfect for your daily life and makes it so easy to bring all you need.
    In the two pockets you easily bring your Insulin pump, Insulin Pen, Diabetes manager (Omnipod), Mobile Phone, Reader (Freestyle Libre), Sugar ….

    Feel relaxed and beautiful

    Let me show you

    This is one of my favorite garments from AnnaPS in my daily life.  I’m showing you a work situation, just wearing my black t-shirt long sleeves and a black skirt. This day I have my insulin pump in one of the pockets and my Reader to a Freestyle Libre blood sugar meter in my other pocket.  It is so easy to take out and put back my diabetes devices. I always close the pockets making all devices stay secure whatever I do. I really love both the black and white t-shirt with long sleeves.

    Anna Sjöberg T1D since 1998 and pumper since 2009
    Founder AnnaPS

    About these great tops

    The tops are available in sizes 7-8Y, 9-10Y and for adults in size XS-XL

    You find the tops for kids here and for women here.

    The fabric is a high quality Cotton 80% and Lycra 20%