• T-shirt unisex-improvments

    Let us introduce our improvements for our beloved unisex T-shirts (go to the T-shirts here)

    New sizes

    We have listen to you……our t-shirts need to be bigger in sizes and more adapted to our other styles and finally the new sizes are! Thanks for your input.

    This means, if you have been using size M in your AnnaPS t-shirt  before and love that size, you now need to buy size S. This is only valid for our unisex t-shirts, for all other adult styles, we have the same sizes as before.

    New improved fit
    The neckline is a little wider and the arm hem is better looking, the arm width is also made a little bit wider. As you can see the arm length is made to cover a sensor, if you need it.
    Unisex style – perfect for both men and women
    “Our T-shirts for men are also a nice fitted for women, so we decided to call them unisex. Let me show you how I use the unisex T-shirt. This is me together with the Swedish team at the big Diabetes Congress ATTD in Berlin last week. I got a lot of attention for my unisex T-shirt wearing it under my jacket. People just love the print, a graphic T1D faces print on the T-shirt. It is good looking and convenient and a perfect work outfit.It is so easy to bring all my diabets stuff in a busy situation”
    /Anna Founder of AnnaPSMakes the everyday life with diabetes easier

    You find the unisex T-shirts both in category Men and Women in our web shop.

    The Swedish team, from left: Sofia Larsson-Stern (Diabetesia), Elin Cederbrandt (T.A.D. Together Against Diabetes), Josefin Palmén, Patricia Mauritzon Roche Diabetes Care and me Anna Sjöberg AnnaPS.

    Bring your mobile phone in the pocket
    The T-shirt enhance the opportunities to carry your insulin pump, pen or glucose meter and your mobile phone in a convenient, safe and stylish way. Our pocket lid makes them stay in the pocket.